TJC Landrovers & Fakenham Racecourse

Fakenham Racecourse is delighted to announce a new working relationship with TJC Landrovers, the result of which is a purpose prepared Landrover 110 utility vehicle being made available to the racecourse ground staff.

TJC Landrovers is an independent , specialist Landrover garage based at Weasenham, Norfolk, contact . Its owner, Tony Cable says. ‘A lot of my customers, and potential new customers, enjoy a day at Fakenham Races and us providing a suitable utility vehicle to the racecourse seems a perfect fit. Racing happens in all weather and it is vital that the ground staff can get to any part of the course quickly with the right tools and equipment to deal with situations when they arise. The Landrover 110 pick up fits the bill perfectly. It can literally go anywhere, it has a high load capacity and a large towing capability. I found the right vehicle and my garage has completely rebuilt it and made it fit for purpose along with eye-catching paint work’.

David Hunter, CEO of Fakenham Racecourse said, ‘Tony is a great friend of the racecourse. He always comes racing and when one of my colleague, Trudi Moulton, asked Tony if he could help he immediately said yes. The result is a stunning Landrover that is perfect for the job we need. Every day the ground staff need to move heavy, bulky and awkward kit and this vehicle more than fits the bill’.